As many business owners know, the paperless office hasn’t quite arrived yet and paper based systems are hard to monitor and control with filing and retrieving paper documents being a time consuming and expensive process.

Zetadocs will help your business eliminate time-consuming and cumbersome paper-based processes and those driven by ad-hoc spreadsheets and unstructured emails so that you can achieve time and cost savings, improve service for customers, suppliers and staff and a reduction in your company’s carbon footprint.

By moving paper-based business processes and unstructured emails to secure, easy to use software designed for efficiency some of the benefits of using Zetadocs include:

  • invoices, statements and reminders instantly delivered by email
  • printing, handling and mailing of documents and emails eliminated
  • removal of storage costs associated with retaining paper documents

Contact Vozero today to discuss how Zetadocs can streamline your business.

Electronic Invoicing

Instantly deliver and archive electronic invoices, drastically reducing the cost and time of invoicing. File all information related to a transaction electronically to speed up query resolution and improve customer service.

Collections Management

Reduce the pain of collections management by presenting the right documents to the right people at the right time, encouraging earlier dialogue which allows faster dispute resolution and payment.

Supplier Invoice Processing

Automatically split and securely file scanned batches of supplier invoices to increase staff productivity and improve handling of payables.

Proof of Delivery Tracking

Reliably scan and store batches of signed Proof of Delivery (POD) notes, allowing instant on-screen access that raises staff productivity and improves customer service.

Sales Order Processing

Reduce costs with email delivery and speed up query resolution by capturing your customers’ purchase orders. Improve file retrieval and customer service by securely storing order confirmations and invoices in the same electronic archive.


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