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Why Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Finance?

By 16/12/2016 News No Comments

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not just a product to manage the finances in your business, it’s a comprehensive business solution for small to medium businesses who have outgrown their current business accounting software.

Because Dynamics 365 is deeply integrated with Microsoft Office, businesses can create quotes, invoices and orders from within Outlook and provide your customers with a seamless journey throughout their buying process.

If you currently create quotes in Microsoft Word, these can easily be integrated into Dynamics 365, similarly with reports created in Microsoft Excel, these are also easily integrated.

If you have used the same accounting software for many years and have concerns about the switch over to a new platform, we can take care of all that for you. Because it’s cloud based, it’s ready to go when you are and because Dynamics 365 is deeply integrated with Microsoft office, it’s easy to use and understand!

Let’s compare your current accounting software to Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Current Accounting Product

  • Up-front costs for software
  • Upgrades cost extra
  • Adding users can be expensive
  • Collaboration is limited
  • Access options are limited
  • Disaster recovery is your responsibility
  • Security is your responsibility

Dynamics 365 Service

  • Monthly subscription pricing
  • Upgrades included in the price
  • Very easy to scale users up (or down)
  • Collaboration options are extensive
  • You have the option to work anywhere using your device of choice
  • Disaster recovery is world class
  • Security is world class

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you pay a monthly subscription fee, so you can manage and spread the cost throughout the year, we don’t expect you to pay up-front. All upgrades are included in the monthly subscription, which means there are no surprises.

We understand that businesses grow at different rates, so it’s easy to scale the number of users that have access up (or down). Dynamics 365 is cloud based therefore you can work from anywhere in the world rather than be restricted by the location of your server hardware.

And of course when things go wrong, because Dynamics 365 is cloud based, the recovery should be seamless rather than dependant on when your last back-up was carried out. Dynamics 365 has all the security protocols you’d expect from a Microsoft product so that’s another thing taken care of!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is only available through delivery partners such as Vozero so if you would like further information, please get in touch!