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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics instead of Sage Accounting Software?

By 24/01/2017 News No Comments

When a company outgrows their current accounting software and needs the more comprehensive functionality that an ERP system provides, we are often asked how Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 compares with Sage 50.  In our view whilst both can help businesses improve efficiency and create better operational visibility, Microsoft Dynamics has a much wider range of functionality including deep integration with Microsoft Office 365 products and in our view Microsoft Dynamics will always have the edge.

For our customers, the capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics enables their business and workforce to achieve more in much less time.  Microsoft Dynamics empowers their users to manage finances and support company growth, all from one cloud-based platform.  Our experience is that Sage users tend to rely on many spreadsheets and other data sources built around the Sage platform to carry out those same daily tasks.

Microsoft Dynamics also provides for different user types offering Limited, Full or Extended users depending on the individual user function required.  Therefore, your Microsoft Dynamics system can be tailored to your exact needs and the user numbers increased as your business grows.

Microsoft Dynamics is the ideal choice for fast growing small or medium sized businesses and offers huge scalability from 3 to 1000+ users.  This allows your ERP system to grow in harmony with your business without any concerns about changing the system in 5 years because you have outgrown it.  Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics has the flexibility to add functionality whenever the need arises.

In simple terms, Microsoft Dynamics allows system users to access the real-time information they need and gives those users full visibility over their day to day tasks.  By keeping track of items to be actioned on the Microsoft Dynamics desktop using an interface that is both familiar and intuitive, users can send/receive emails, collaborate with their colleagues, import and export documents and follow workflow, all with a click of a button.

When comparing Sage and Dynamics for any small to medium sized, forward thinking company, the features speak for themselves. Microsoft Dynamics is a much more powerful & intuitive tool and with its flexible license structure and integration with Microsoft Office 365, it has the ability to grow as your business grows.

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