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Understanding Workflows in Dynamics Nav

By 10/05/2017 News No Comments
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Workflows; you may have heard the phrase but what are they and can they help your business? If you would like to find out, then read on! It may just be possible that you’re about to take some very positive steps toward saving time and money and improving the way your business runs.

Workflows are all about intelligent automation and a number come pre-configured with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

What they do is simple; they allow companies to setup their own ‘If…Then’ scenarios, eliminating the need to reply to someone remembering to complete a specific task. Whether these tasks are system tasks, user tasks or business process tasks, a workflow can be created to perform a series of pre-defined automated tasks and actions.

A simple but good example is Purchase Invoice Approvals which is typically a user task where workflow can be used to improve efficiency:

Your internal rules state that if an invoice is more than £100, then it needs to be approved by the manager of the department who raised the Purchase Order.

A workflow in Microsoft Dynamics can be created to do the following;

1. If the Purchase Invoice is more than £100, then put on hold and set the status to ‘Awaiting Approval’ then email the Department Manager to inform them that a Purchase Invoice is awaiting approval.  Providing a shortcut to allow them easy access to view the invoice from their device of choice – PC, Tablet, SmartPhone etc.

This could be the end of our workflow, or we can take this basic workflow and enhancement it with additional system tasks that need to be carried out after the approval

2. If the Department Manager Approves the invoice, then

a. Release the Invoice from hold and set the Status to ‘Approved’
b. Post the Purchase Invoice to the ledger
c. Create a payment journal for the invoice amount
d. Send a notification to the finance department to make them aware that it has been approved, posted and a payment has been created

3. If the Department Manager Rejects the invoice, then

a. Send a notification to the finance department to make them aware that there is an issue with the invoice and it is not to be released for payment

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, setting up a workflow is straightforward and can be defined by your end users.
In short workflow enables you to create and execute automated processes, and trigger tasks automatically if certain situations occur. There will be countless scenarios unique to your own business where workflows could be used to quickly and effectively deploy notifications, issue approvals and send out information to the right people at the right time.

With a range of templates available out of the box and the ability to create and build unique workflows in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, the automation offered can help streamline your business, save time and money and improve the way that your business runs.