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The Benefits of an ERP system that Integrates with Microsoft Office

By 13/02/2017 News No Comments

Whether your business is in Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing or Finance, you will in all likelihood share many common goals; real-time access to information across devices, customer and product information at your fingertips, better connectivity with customers at every level of your service, from marketing to distribution, the list is endless. Yet all of these goals share one common solution, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that just simply works.

An ERP system that integrates effectively and seamlessly with your Microsoft Office software will empower you to work smarter, drive more sales and free up time for your business to reach and exceed its goals. Microsoft Dynamics is one such ERP system and is designed to do all the above and more.

Flexibility and Integration
Microsoft Dynamics carries so many benefits that other ERP systems just cannot compete with. Access customers or supplier records from your ERP system directly from Outlook email, access your ERP system from any Web Browser or the Tablet App/Smartphone App, one-click access to phone/chat/email your contacts, one-click export of ERP information to Microsoft Excel or Word. This gives your business unprecedented flexibility and a level of integration that will simply save you time and streamline the way you get things done, whatever your business size.

Dynamics run on a standard Microsoft platform, allowing seamless integration, combined with the familiar interface that your business knows and trusts. Microsoft Dynamics provides an ERP system designed to greatly reduce the need for staff training, along with instant real-time access to the documents and reports that your business needs.

Trust and Value
Dynamics is a trusted and proven Microsoft platform, giving your business a level of control that other traditional ERP or ‘cloud only’ providers simply cannot compete with.

If you are in business, you need things to simply work. To integrate completely, to work intuitively and for you or your team to have instant real-time access to the resources that you need. Over time, as your business grows, you need an ERP system that will scale with your business and offer the tools to support this growth. Microsoft Dynamics does it all, and in a way that other ERP systems can only try to replicate.