Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics brings the applications that run your finances, sales, and operations together with the familiar Office applications your team will already know. With the ability to be cloud based this is a business solution that allows you to work across devices, anytime, anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics is designed to get you up and running quickly and to grow with your business, so you can start with what you need today and easily adapt as your needs change.

Built on a modern technology platform Microsoft Dynamics can be integrated with existing business systems and allows for a user experience which is role tailored and easy to use. Not only will it ensure the smoother running of your business, it’s reporting and insights give you information at hand to enable and help your business grow.
Microsoft Dynamics is easily adaptable, so you can start with what you need now and your package can grow with your business.

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What is ERP?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning software. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP solution to improve efficiency and grow your business with features such as keeping track of your inventory, helping you manage your supply chain and ultimately, keeping track of the important details about your customers, virtually any time, any place and on any device.

Outgrown your basic accounting software?

When you’re building a business it’s easy to outgrow your resources. Your basic accounting software is often the first to get stretched. You’ve been so busy that you barely notice the patchwork solutions making your current software work. Now you’re struggling to track data and processes in Excel spreadsheets, asking for reports your system can’t produce and battling sluggish performance it’s like squeezing into a tight suit.

Why choose a business solution from Microsoft?

Moving to a new business solution is about realising the upside not dealing with downtime. That’s why Microsoft Business Solutions are easy to use, quick to implement, and powerful enough to support your growing business. Many of today’s ERP products simply don’t meet small and midsize business needs. Simple accounting packages get the basic financials done but that’s it and we all know success involves more than closing the monthly books.

Microsoft helps to streamline processes

How much of your business today happens outside your current systems? If your team resorts to using tools like email, sticky notes, printouts and voicemails to manage processes and handle exceptions, your system really isn’t working. You need the comprehensive ERP functionality of Microsoft Dynamics.

Quick Implementation & Configuration?

One of the biggest concerns about implementing a new business system is down time. Moving data and learning new processes can add up to lost productivity, lost momentum, and more importantly lost revenue. We know downtime isn’t an option, that’s why our rapid start tools ensure quick implementation and configuration. Rapid start achieves fast deployment across multiple sites drawing on industry best practices and templates to save time and money. This streamlined, repeatable process means your new software is operational in hours, not weeks or months.

Let’s have a look at some complementary products

Jet Reports

Giving you immediate access and insight into your critical ERP data. Solutions are drag-and-drop simple so that business users can generate dashboards and reports within minutes.


Document management and expense management chosen by Microsoft for its connection to SharePoint for document management. Simple to deploy, improves compliance, strengthens security, provides disaster recovery, speeds auditing and is fully customizable.


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