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The Benefits of Mobile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

By 17/03/2017 News No Comments

Mobile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) continues to gain relevance within the global ERP space for small to medium enterprises. Where, not so long ago, laptops and PDA’s enabled users to perform some tasks with a degree of mobility, those same users now enjoy a much greater degree of mobile efficiency with smartphones and tablet devices.

With increased mobility comes a need for the same ERP solutions that aid the flow of business in the office, carrying out the same tasks on the road, allowing for ease of use, access to internal functions and facilitating access to information and communication between departments, from the sales team, warehousing, distribution and high level management.

A truly mobile resource

As you might expect, ERP leader Microsoft, with products such as Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 have remained at the forefront of mobile ERP for some time and stand head and shoulders above other providers in the field with products that allow the mobile user to enjoy a much greater quality of service, along with the productivity benefits that come with it. More accurate capturing of data, more efficient business relationships, and essentially; the same competitive edge over other businesses that Microsoft itself has earned over its competitors. Microsoft mobile ERP solutions can scale and grow with your business and provides the functionality and flexibility at your fingertips whenever you need it to engage and integrate with new solutions and technologies.

Strategy for confidence

Mobile ERP has risen in popularity to the point where it will soon be considered a vital part of business. However there are certain factors to consider in ensuring your ERP strategy is the right one for you.

As things stand today, mobile devices are starting to narrow the gap to laptops in terms of processing power. However, considering the vastly different form factors of mobile devices, certain tasks may still be better suited to a larger screen or more processing power; therefore, a realistic expectation is needed regarding these potential limitations.

Identifying who, in your workforce will benefit most from the highest levels of mobility is another important aspect of a company’s strategy and providing support for your mobile workforce should generally be a priority in ensuring those users have the tools they need to perform as efficiently as possible.

Usability and security are two factors in mobile ERP in which Microsoft excels, providing intuitive and uncomplicated interfaces combined with the robust and well supported security that we have come to expect from a true cloud based solution.

Supported on the widest range of modern mobile devices, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 provide the very best mobile ERP for your business.